PurPur Pannónia

PurPur Pannonia was founded to create a premium product family, which expands the quality gift assortment with the emphasis on handicraft and artisanship. At PurPur Pannonia we offer a collection of soaps and ceramics with matching design. All natural ingredients make sure your skin receives the gentle care it deserves, while the high-quality and long-lasting fragrances provide a mesmerizing aromatic experience. The hand-painted ceramics offer a true sense of home as a practical addition to any bathroom.

Our Company

We have been making hand painted ceramics as a family business since 1996. We mainly decided to start to make soap holders because of the development of the spa/wellness/beauty sections, and to widen our range of products. As our ceramics are painted by hand and meet the European standards, it was evident to match the soap holder with equally high quality soap. We set out to make more than just soaps and ceramics but a complete collection that catches one’s eyes the moment they are set on it. To create a product that can be a perfect gift, a long lasting memory. 

The inspiration for all products are drawn from Hungarian rural life, and all designs depict pieces of traditional Hungarian flora. Our love of nature introduced us to the dark purple colored purpur grains of the Hungarian plains. Thus PurPur Pannonia was born, combining the name of the color of opulence and our much beloved homeland. 

About the Soaps

Filled with tradition, this soap is born from the exclusive combination of natural ingredients, a sophisticated perfume from Europe and a charming design.  The PurPur Pannónia soap is made with vegetable oil mixed with high quality Shea butter; it does not contain artificial coloring and is free from parabens, glycols and petrochemicals. 

​We are proud of our superior quality, the raw materials and inventive design. Both in appearance and in content it represents high European quality standards. On top of these meticulously selected ingredients we have added our passion for Hungary and the love and dedication that our craftsmen put into each hand wrapped soap. The result is nothing but a truly affordable pampering piece that fits in the palm of your hand.